Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuff-N-Uff Teaches Children about the Importance of Sports

Please join and Tuff-N-Uff at the Boys and Girls club of Las Vegas, located at 2850 S Lindell road at 6pm tomorrow night. We’ll be busing in kid from all of the local boys and girls clubs and your support would be appreciated.

We'll be talking to the kids about finding a better life through sports and training in the martial arts. On Saturday, we'll be donating to the Toys for Tots program at the "Hall of Fame legends bowl" football game.

Please help us show these kids how sports can really change their lives.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fight Week in Vegas: Countdown to WEC 44 and UFC 106

As the MMA community amasses upon Vegas for this week's fights we are getting the best video interviews and news coverage possible. Don't worry MMAGirl readers, I'll be there tomorrow.

First up, RawVegas.TV's Dave Farra talks to WEC Featherweight champ Mike Brown.
Brown talks about how as the sport, and WEC, grow he gets recognized more, but a bigger pay check would always be better. The man still drives a Ford Focus... Thiago Alves, what do you drive??
Courtesy Rawvegas.TV

Also from RawVegas.TV is Farra's interview with Manvel "The Anvil" Gamburyan. Funny fact for all of you, Farra isn't that tall, Gamburyan is just that short.
"I feel very strong for this weight class. I feel ready, I feel focused. Everything [with camp] went pretty good so thank God. I've got a lot of good guys training with me: wrestlers, strikers, grapplers, boxers, I've got the full package...My fight is going to be probably fight of the night or submission of the night."

Courtesy RawVegas.TV

Danny Castillo talks his win over Ricardo Lamas and how he's prepared for Shane Roller. Shane explains that while Castillo has power, Roller will control the pace and where the fight goes.

UFC 106 videos coming tomorrow

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WEC 44: The Predictions

Twenty-four hours to go before WEC 44: Brown vs. Aldo and every fan is pumped to the max. Brown vs. Aldo represents something in the sport of MMA. Two relatively unknown guys -to the casual fan- are headlining a card that is fill to the brim with talent and high expectations. Brown (22-4) is the New England native who handed it to Urijah Faber twice with a win over Leonard Garcia squeezed in the middle. Aldo(15-1) is the face-paced, enigma that dropped Cub Swanson in his last fight with a flying knee that opened up a 2" gash over his eye. These two gentle man aren't messing around. They both have incredible power, Brown with his "old man strength" and Aldo with his youth and cat-like reflexes. It's tough to call, but I have to pick,
Brown via TKO early in the 4th.

Another tough one to call. Both men started in the UFC light weight division and have made a HUGE impact on the WEC since dropping to 145#. Garcia (13-4) fought FW champ Mike Brown last year in the "Bad Boy"'s home state of Texas; however, he unfortunately lost via an arm triangle less than two minutes into the first round. Brown is Garcia's only WEC loss, he has wins over Pulver, Takaya, and Massouh. Gamburyan dropped to 145# after his UFC 94 loss to Thiago Tavares and his only WEC fight to date -vs. John Franchi- is a unanimous decision. Gamburyan(9-4), like his cousin Karo Parisyan, has a background in Judo and has executed his skills on several occasions. In his fight against Nick Diaz on The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale he was winning -according to most- until his shoulder slipped out of socket and he had to stop the fight. I'm going to pick Garcia to win, but I'm confident this will be a dynamic fight.
Garcia via Sub (Arm Triangle) late 3rd.

"Razor" Rob (17-5) is returning after a eight month hiatus healing his hand that was fractured in his WEC 39 fight against Marcus Hicks. He's a newlywed and has spent several months training for his "comeback." Darabedyan (8-1) will be making his WEC debut after last fighting in September at Shark Fights 6. Darabedyan's record is almost spotless, except for his lone loss early in his career to Koji Oishi in Ring of Fire. A black belt in both Karate and Tae Kwon Do, Armenian Darabedyan expanded to mixed martial arts at the age of 18; since then he has became a black belt in Judo as well. He currently trains with fellow Armenians, Karo Parisyan and Manny Gamburyan. I'm going to go out on a limb with my pick:
Darabedyan via TKO early 2nd

This is a hard one to call. I was at Danny's fight against Ricardo Lamas and the kid leaves his heart in the ring. He hails from Sacramento where he trains with Urijah Faber and Master Thong. That whole group has a passion for fighting that is hard to find sometimes. That being said, Roller fought the same night where I attended Castillo's fight and he's the same way. This kid went in tehre with Marcus Hicks and gave the fans something to be happy about. Roller (6-2) grew up in Bixby, OK but now trains in Las Vegas. I can't think this fight will do anything but go to a decision.
Roller via split dec.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

WEC 44: Two days away

With UFC 105 in the books I've decided to countdown to WEC 44 and UFC 106. We only have two days until WEC 44, and five until UFC 106. Today's videos are the WEC 44 Brown-Aldo preview video as well as the UFC 106 hype video.

Highlights of Mike Brown and Jose Aldo and Frank Mir drops his two cents.

UFC 106 Griffin vs Ortiz II

More to come tomorrow. Keep checking for UFC 106 and WEC 44 Predictions.

**The Palms Casino (where the fights are being held) is offering a super deal for WEC 44. Two WEC tickets as well as a room for the night and VIP passes for the clubs for only $269 Visit:**

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Friday, November 13, 2009

UFC 105: The Countdown, T Minus 24 Hours

24-hours to go before the UFC takes hold of Manchester and fills the MEN Arena to the rafters. Once again, the UFC has proven they can do well outside of the US by selling out UFC 105. For all of us stuck back in the states we will be treated to the event free on Spike TV (airing via tape-delay at 8pm ET/PT).

Today's post includes Dana's latest vlog, as well as video of Randy Couture and Brandon Vera discussing their bout that headlines the card tomorrow night. Sports writers are torn on who to pick between these two. Couture offers impeccable wrestling, experience, and -arguably- a size advantage. Vera on the other hand has top-notch Muay Thai, youth, and speed. As of Friday morning Vegas odds put the match at -110 for Couture and -120 for Vera. That's almost dead even. For those not familiar with betting, normally in odds you have a "+" and a "-"; the "-" being your favorite. In this case, both men are "-" meaning in order to win $100, you will have to bet $120 (in Vera's case). The odds are so close that just 24-hours ago, Couture was the favorite at -120.

Randy Couture brings experience and brute strength to ring.He also brings wisdom; he knows to break down each opponent individually and weigh his strengths versus his opponents weaknesses.

"Solving the problem, solving the puzzel. It's always been what's kind of intrigued me about the sport is solving the equation. Each and every opponent is a problem, he poses different things, different strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out how I mesh up with that and what's going to put me in the right places to over come."

Brandon Vera is relying on his youth and agility to get him though what's sure to be a brutal fight with Randy Couture. Vera trains hard, every day, and explains that he feels on a level he's never been before. Maybe it's the pressure of his fight with Couture, maybe its his coaches pushing him that much more, either way, Vera will walk in to the cage Saturday night with both guns locked and loaded.

"Usually my coaches are saying 'Alright, you've got one more round' but my body is like, 'No, we can do three more. Let's get three more in before we go home and call it a day.' I don't know if that's from mental growing up, or because I'm fighting Randy, but this is somewhere I haven't been before in my training camp. I'm not going to try and slow him down, I don't want to slow him down at all. I want to try and push the pace right along with him and see who crumbles first. The question that I hope to find the answer to myself is how much punishment can his body take before he starts to breakdown."

And finally, I leave you with this Dana vlog. In the middle of the vlog you see Dana in London giving away tickets to this weekends event. The clip is maybe a couple of minutes long, but he was probably standing there for hours. It's something most fans don't realize about Dana, he loves talking to and interacting with fans. He'll stand somewhere for 3 hours meeting fans, and have the same smile and genuine interest for each person that meets him.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

UFC 105: The Countdown, two days to go

Image courtesy:

Today's installation of "The Countdown" includes Dana's latest vlog, Hardy talking about "respect", and a quick snip-it of the British guys shadow boxing.

Dana White's newest vlog is the same playful antics from a thirty-something man, but as always, they are comical and entertaining. From delivering Mr. Uppity to L. Upstein A.K.A. "Muffy" to teaming up with Lorenzo to finally lift up the mini car Dana giggles the whole way through. Poor Bobby Moore gets Tabasco and soy sauce in his coke and "fat boy" Dana hits the gym.


Dan Hardy looks to conquer again after a split decision win at UFC 99 over Marcus Davis. Ever-so-cocky, Hardy details why he beat Davis, why he's better than Swick, and why he'll be the one with his hand raised at the end of it Saturday.

"I've watched all of Mike's fights. I've watched him closely and all of my coaches have watched him closely. I know what he's all about; I'm confident to say that I know what he's got to bring to the table. I'm also confident to say that my arsenal is a lot bigger than his. I've got a lot more tools at my disposal and I'm a lot more dangerous."

Below is a quick minute of Paul Kelly and Terry Etim highlights. You have to give it to them, the boys can bang!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

UFC 105: The Countdown Continues

Image courtesy:
Day 2 of our "The Countdown" series leading up to UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera

Denis Kang (32-11-1-2NC) is taking on Britain's Michael Bisping as part of the main card. Kang's first fight in the UFC was a second round loss to Alan Belcher at UFC 93; he rebounded with a split decision win over Xavier Foupa-Pokam at UFC 97. Now that he's had a seven month break, he feels confident he'll be able to over come any arsenal the "Count" can throw at him.

"I've got a pretty good right hand too. No way he's going to be ready for it; especially after the last fight. Is his chin going to be rested enough after such a devastating knock out? [See 1:25 of the video] It's kind of an iffy subject there, but I'm going to be testing it."

As you see in the above video, Michael Bisping is coming off a terrible knock out at UFC 100 delivered by Dan Henderson. Leading up to the fight Bisping was mouthing off a little, talking so trash, and Henderson decided to prove -quite skillfully- who the better fighter was. That night it was Dan Henderson, but Bisping may have recovered and could turn the tables and KO Kang on Saturday night. It's MMA, the only sure thing is there are no sure things.

"It's no secret I got knocked out in my last fight. Sittin' there and being all toochy about it isn't going to help...A lot of people get caught; that's the way mixed martial arts is...I've lost a bit of respect in the fighting world, I want to take that respect back. First thing on the list is beating Denis Kang."

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